Rachel CherieRachel Cherie is the author of Treachery at Martinique Isle, the first book in the Daughters of the High Seas trilogy which she originally self published at age 18 under a different title. Her second book, Turning of the Tides, was published at the end of 2014. She was born in California, but grew up predominately in rural Oregon. Rachel has been actively writing since elementary school and completed her first novel manuscript at the age of fourteen. She lives in Northern California with her family and plethora of pets.

  • Birth Name: Rachel Cheríe Palmer
  • Author Name: Rachel Cheríe
  • Date of Birth: December 26, 1985 in Fresno, California
  • Other Information:
    • Has been actively writing stories on and off since elementary school.
    • Completed her first novel manuscript at the age of 14 after an illness kept her bedridden for several weeks.
    • Self-published her first book in 2005, during her Freshman year of college, to give to her cousin to whom the book was dedicated. This book has been re-published through Tate Publishing with a new title of Daughters of the High Seas (Book 1): Treachery at Martinique Isle.
    • Has continued writing not just from personal motivation and love of the art, but also from strong encouragement from close friends and family.
    • Loves the Calvin & Hobbes comics.
    • Is the oldest of three siblings.
    • Is not dedicated to any particular genre.
    • Has a degree in Business Administration.
    • Self-taught herself web design and does it on the side (see Rachel Cherie Designs).
    • Currently living in California with her husband, 2 kidlets, and multiple pets (3 cats, 1 dog, and 1 leopard gecko).


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